Cyber Security: How can companies be incentivized to share information about devices vulnerabilities and patch problems without jeopardizing individuals privacy?

If your privacy information is protected, from the top-down approach you understand why privacy and information security controls are implemented. By the way, traditionally, business information protection involved installing a strong fence between the business and the outside world and manning the perimeter all day.

Potential Programs

Your organization without the ability to inventory and control its computers installed programs makes its systems more vulnerable to attack, furthermore, poorly controlled machines are more likely to be running software that is unneeded for business purposes, introducing potential security flaws.

Upcoming Cyber

The carrot could be the use of a reward-based system to incentivize the sharing of information that can lead to an arrest of malicious cyber actors, policy and best practices should inform decisions-making from the boardroom to the break room in all aspects of information technology from the strategy to end-user actions. In addition, since the attackers are currently waiting for new zero-days to exploit, there is very little users can do to protect themselves from the upcoming cyber attacks.

Concerned Processes

Operational processes require different levels of security and privacy to be maintained, it is the potential for how the IP address can be combined with other information (or could be reasonably combined with other information) that has privacy advocates concerned. To say nothing of, first, the meaning of the terms security of information society and, or security in information society will have to be primarily account fored.

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