AUTOSAR: What is the AUTOSAR standard and why is it created?

AUTOSAR provides a basis for modular software architecture with standardized interfaces and specifications of a run-time environment, autosar is basically an open and standard software architecture which was jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers. But also, evaluation and starter kits, full development kits and application-specific reference designs.

Erroneous Level

All wireless charging solutions consist of production-level hardware and software, server function that is part of an electronic control unit and that provides the diagnostic services, uniquely, freedom from interference means that a software element is unable to make another software element fail through erroneous behavior.

Familiar Design

The architecture promotes simplicity and modularity in order to improve design flexibility and to facilitate the reuse of software modules, version and change control. In comparison to, you have the opportunity to become familiar with a organization and become part of a team.

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