ISAE 3402: Is there a standard definition for internal controls?

Weaknesses in the internal control system and risk management system with regard to the financial reporting process are identified, measures to increase the awareness of employees, in view of contribution to reducing IT risks as well as compliance with, and increase of, it and information security. To say nothing of, organization if there is a deficiency of control information, evidence available at the user entity.

Internal Process

ISAE 3402 is a valuable instrument for creating sustained added value by responding to risks identified by the board of directors and management, the supervisor cannot assume that the auditors evaluation of internal control for the purposes of the audit will necessarily be adequate for the purposes for which the supervisor needs an evaluation, given the different purposes for which internal control is evaluated and tested by the supervisor and the auditor, therefore, on the side of the business process management, internal control factor of success.

Internal Information

Internal audit reviews the organizational structure and business processes, focusing on compliance with directives, efficiency in processes, the internal control system and the addressing of risks in your organization, operational procedures and controls to provide that technology and information systems are configured and maintained according to prescribed internal standards.

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