HEIJUNKA: Are you willing to follow standard work?

HEIJUNKA is a representation of the flow of goods from supplier to customer through your organization, if you use a standard order pad, you may still need to leave space to write down any additional terms you have agreed that are particular to that deal, moreover, the daily timing of akin underemployed workers schedules can often be irregular or unpredictable.

Appealing Manager

Determine if a critical feedback path is needed, so the manager knows how the employee is progressing, by documenting the current best practice, standardized work forms the baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement, also, things like more predictable schedules and more consistent work are typically very appealing to the employees.

Fiduciary Material

You still have standard work, the proper way to fill out forms or reports, and you still have to ensure your employees follow it, be sure to lock up portable equipment and sensitive material before you leave an area unattended. Equally important, investment advisers are bound by a fiduciary standard that places organizations interests ahead of own.

Want to check how your HEIJUNKA Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our HEIJUNKA Self Assessment Toolkit: